Hardwood and Custom Lumber Remanufacturing

Great firewood and awesome Alder and Cedar chips etc.

Firewood that is kiln dried arbutus or fir in the Ladysmith, Nanaimo, Duncan, Chemainus areas of Vancouver Island.

kiln dried fir or arbutus
Left: cord of kiln dried split fir
Right: cord of 2×4 2×6 kiln dried lumber trims
The bins are 193 cubic ft

Kiln Dried Fir or Arbutus

Whether you are looking for split firewood or mill ends we have it. Kiln dried means less smoke, better burn and more efficient.

bags of kiln dried firewood trim ends
Bags of Firewood ready for delivery

Bags of Kiln Dried Trim Ends

Our Bags of firewood are very convenient and are available in:

  • Alder
  • Maple
  • Hemlock

Closeup view of the mill ends

mill ends firewood closeup

Other Products

Jemico Enterprises Ltd. specializes in alder and maple hardwoods, as well as cottonwood.
We proudly process 100% of the forest products that come through our mill – nothing is wasted.

alder chips for landscaping

Alder Chips

A bi-product of lumber production, for landscaping and gardening

Alder chips are a bi-product of lumber production. An organic wood material, they are excellent for

  • Landscaping
  • Garden Project
  • Smoking and Barbecuing
cedar chips

Cedar Chips

Cedar chips are a bi-product of lumber production. An organic material, it offers a beautiful touch for landscaping and gardening. Cedar Chips are long-lasting and allow for:

  • Highlighting and separation of trees from the rest of the border
  • Creating beautiful pathways or raised garden beds
  • Reducing water evaporation and minimizing the need for watering
  • Optimizing soil microbiology with very little effort
  • Feeding the complex soil ecology with concentrated sources of carbon

It can be sold in small quantities.

alder sawdust

Alder Sawdust

Alder sawdust is a bi-product of cutting our lumber. It provides great fertilization for:

  • Raspberry / Blueberry plants
  • Mushrooms
  • Garlic

It is used widely in animal bedding

It can be sold in small quantities.

bark mulch
bark mulch

Bark Mulch

Alder and Maple Bark Mulch is a bi-product of debarking alder and maple logs. It comes from shredding or chipping the exterior bark of Alder and Maple trees. Organic and nutrient-rich, it is an ideal material for landscaping and gardening projects.

Bark mulch helps to:

  • Reduce water use by up to 50%
  • Smother weed seedlings and make weeds easier to pull.
  • Keep soil loose and absorbent, avoiding water run off.
  • Prevent erosion that depletes nutrients and pollutes lakes and streams.
  • Feed plants and the life that keeps plants healthy

It can be sold in small quantities.

wood shavings

Wood Shavings

Alder and Maple Shavings are the bi-products of lumber production.

All our lumber is kiln dried, providing superior absorption and comfort. Shavings are great quality animal bedding which is essential for maintaining the health, cleanliness and comfort of animals.

It can be sold in small quantities.